Why Does The American Medical Association Keep Rejecting The Treatment Of Glutathione Therapy For Parkinson's Disease ?
Glutathione Therapy For Parkinson's
Patients ?
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USF Glutathione Therapy Medical Trial For Treating Parkinson's Disease Fails
Doctors Who Prey On Parkinson's Patients.
I drove my father 3 hours from Clearwater, Florida to Naples, Florida to meet with Dr. Perlmutter about my fathers diagnosed "MSA" (Multi System Atrophe"), a Parkinsonism Disease.  We explained my fathers diagnosis and he reviewed his current vitamin and medication schedule. Things seemed normal at the time and Dr. Perlmutter insisted that he could help with a single injection of "Glutathione". He then went on to have my father sign a video release of before and after footage he took of my father. After the injection I could not believe my eyes, the transformation I saw was a miracle. My father was walking almost completely normal and his facial expression was relaxed and it was incredible. We were both smiling and giggling like little children and this was a great day with renewed hope for all of us. Unfortunately our euphoria was short lived...more
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First let's clear things up here, the reason the American Medical Association has not approved "Glutathione Therapy" Treatment For Parkinson's Is because it does not work. However, there are treatments for Parkinson's Disease that have been approved by the "AMA" (American Medical Association). These treatments have actually slowed down the progression of the disease while providing comfort to some people. Unfortunately, "Glutathione Therapy" has not been approved by the American Medical Association as a treatment for Parkinson's Disease. "Glutathione Therapy" believers will boast when  mentioning that "Glutathione" has been approved by the FDA. However, cigarettes have also been approved by the FDA as well. Receiving FDA approval on food or a health care product does not mean it has been approved for a specific treatment with positive results; it just means that The FDA has regulated the successful release of the food or health related product. 

The FDA does not approve treatments, they approve products and Glutathione is simply a product. "Glutathione Therapy" is a treatment that utilizes the approved product "Glutathione". 

So Is "Glutathione Therapy" Right For You?...more
How Can We Be Sure That Our Doctors Are Not Pulling The Wool Over Our Eyes:
Glutathione Therapy For Parkinson's Disease seems like something worth looking into at first. However, if you research it's documented success rate and it's history with the American Medical Association you will begin to discover that it's just a waste of time and money.

The Doctors advocating it's use only do so to profit from all the uncertainty surrounding it. Uncertainties such as there being no documented case studies corroborating their claims. In addition doctors are being investigated regarding how they administer their drug and even being questioned as to whether what they are giving their patients is really Glutathione or something else just to promote good results in their efforts to mislead the public and feed their own greedy profiteering.
"The Glutathione Trial Was Negative And We Are Not Recommending to Our Patients To Seek This 
Therapy At This Time"
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The Director of the National Parkinson's Foundation, Dr. S. Okun Has Gone On Record Regarding Glutathione Therapy For Parkinson's Patients By Saying & We Quote...
Recent Question & Answer Posted 11-2-14
Question From John:
My wife was recently diagnosed with possible MSA and we are in S. Florida getting stem cell treatments but they have not helped her as of yet.

On Thursday, we have an appointment to visit Dr Pearlmutter in hopes that he can help and I stumbled onto your website.

Have you learned anything more since publishing this or have any advice for us since helping your fathers fight MSA?

Dear John,

I am sorry for the hardships you and your wife are facing. MSA or Multiple System Atrophy is a Parkinsonism type Disease and responds less effectively to standard Parkinson treatments.

Since my last post on the site I have only found more information that concludes that Glutathione Therapy to treat Parkinson's disease is not a viable treatment . My experience with Dr. Perlmutter was not a good one. In my opinion he is arrogant and truly profits from other people's misery.

However, this is my opinion and we did go and see him several years ago, but several years ago there was nothing on the Internet disputing his treatments. So like you and your wife we searched for alternative treatments and at the time everything online you could read about Dr. Perlmutter was all good.

That is why I created this website. After our experience with Dr. Perlmutter I felt it my duty to let people know that Glutathione Therapy to treat Parkinson's disease was ineffective.

We did have a positive reaction that day we went to go see Dr. Perlmutter, but we have no way of knowing what he actually gave us that day. We were never able to reproduce the results we had that day at home and he even discouraged us from visiting him again, which seemed very odd to us.

Unfortunately we can not prove that Dr. Perlmutter may have given my father something other than Glutathione that day in his office, but if I had to guess it might have been some type of Methamphetamine or (speed) that gives you an instant rush or high which also relaxes you and could be the reason people experience better motor skills when seeing him.

Methamphetamine has been used in medical trials related to treating Parkinson's disease and my father experimented with it after unsuccessfully trying Glutathione, but his experience showed they are short lived moments of a euphoric type of feeling that could become an addiction much like street drugs do. So although methamphetamine can make you feel better for a short period of time it is not a treatment to help you get better or eliminate the disease in the long term and could become harmful because of it's addictive properties.

Once again I have no proof that DR. Perlmutter is deceiving the public, but if someone asked me my opinion I would say from what we experienced that he is just profiting from his patients hard times and could care less about helping anyone.

Good luck to you and feel free to contact me at anytime.